DocEdge: A Friend in Sight

My documentary A Friend in Sight will be screened as part of New Zealand’s 9th Documentary Edge Festival. It is a documentary about a blind lady and her seeing-eye dog. Short but sweet and inspiring, the story will bring to screen a remarkable character who is full of life, joy and hope.  Screening schedules are as follows:

poster norman5Auckland
22 May 2014 –  12:30pm, Q Theatre – Queen Street, Auckland
1 June 2014 –  10:30am, Q Theatre – Queen Street, Auckland

5 June 2014 – 4:15pm, Roxy Cinema – Miramar Wellington
7 June 2014 – 1:45pm, Roxy Cinema – Miramar Wellington

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A Friend in Sight is a short documentary that captures a special relationship we don’t normally see in films. It takes us into the daily life of Wellingtonian Julia Mosen and her seeing-eye dog, Kerry. Julia has been blind since birth, but through the help of Kerry, she is able to independently and safely do ordinary tasks like going to public places, travelling via public transport and negotiating traffic on the streets.

Behind the scenes photos

photo docu


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