About Norman Zafra

norman zafra picI am currently straddling both the academic and media industries. I have over ten years of professional experience in the field of broadcast journalism and documentary making. During this period, I have directed, produced and written a number of documentaries and investigative reports for award-winning Philippine TV programs such as Reporter’s Notebook and I-Witness. I also make documentaries and produce journalistic works as one-man-band. Two of my films, A Friend in Sight (2013) and Obrero (2018), have been featured in international documentary festivals in New Zealand and the Philippines.  My backpack investigative report, A Long recovery: Rebuilding after a superstorm (2014), won the Bruce Jesson Emerging Journalism Award in 2015.

As researcher, I have an abiding interest in new media technologies and how they alter the practice and content of contemporary journalism. My published academic articles cover the interdisciplinary areas of public relations, strategic communication, new media and journalism. I hold a Master of Journalism from Massey University in Wellington and a Master of Arts in Media Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Currently, I am taking my PhD (with creative practice) in media and communication at the University of Auckland. My thesis is a creative and critical exploration of how transmedia logic meshes with political documentary’s nature of representing social realities and goal of promoting social change. My creative component, on the other hand,  interrogates the efficacy of transmedia strategy in representing labour migration in the context of the on-going Christchurch rebuild.

You can find more information about me and my works through the following links and news articles:


*Photo ℅ JC Espesor



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