Drone, data and backpack journalism trends

Our paper, Natural Disaster Strategic Communication: Drone, data and backpack journalism trends, has been recently published by PRism Journal and is part of a special issue on strategic communication in the digital age.  It is on open-access category and is downloadable on Prism website. The paper, targeting both practitioners and academics, talks about the symbiotic … More Drone, data and backpack journalism trends

Glocal Big Brother

This blog will walk you through different strategies used by media producers to localize a global media format. Let’s focus here on Pinoy’s version of the Big Brother House.  The style of housing of Big Brother varies according to the audience cultures just like the dorm-style rooms in Big Brother Holland, the open design of the … More Glocal Big Brother

Global Media Format: “Big Brother”

This blog talks about Big Brother’s sweeping success globally and in the Philippines. The ability of television products to be transported and consumed by a unique set of audiences has been recognized since the early importation of canned programs and heightened by the introduction of cable programming. In fact, this had previously been the form … More Global Media Format: “Big Brother”

Reflections on backpack journalism

Multiskilling in the form of solo journalism, also called ‘one-man-band’ and inspector gadgets (Quinn, 2005) has long existed in documentary filmmaking with young reporters from smaller markets shooting, writing and editing their film with the goal of eventually landing a career in bigger markets (Bock, 2012). The so-called “single-authored news production” also gained greater acceptance … More Reflections on backpack journalism

Documentary: Lessons from a storm

Lessons from a storm  recounts the challenges encountered by Tacloban City government while transitioning from humanitarian to recovery phase after the disaster brought by Supertyphoon Haiyan. The documentary accompanies the paper written by researchers (and producers) Amillah Rodil and Gerald Paragas. The production is funded by IIED’s Urban Crises Learning Fund, a three-year project looking at how the humanitarian … More Documentary: Lessons from a storm